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when people talk about fashion la or new

york paris and milan they’re always part

of the conversation but now a local

designer is ready to put sacramento on

the map

and change that narrative with his

fashion sportswear design

sacramento local jason vu is the creator

and founder of swish authentics and he’s

here to tell us about his latest


it’s fit for the kings jason great to

have you on this morning

yeah thank you so much for having me

it’s a pleasure to be here this is

pretty exciting sacramento is

home for you and you’re really pushing

to make your mark as a local designer

tell us a little bit about coming up

here in northern california

yeah definitely so my family actually

moved here from vietnam when i was about

three years old

and i’ve been here for most of my life

so i definitely consider the city my


you know through the years i’ve always

thought about moving away from

sacramento to pursue

a career in fashion but something’s just

always kept me here

and you know like you said when people

talk about fashion it’s always about

la new york never really sacramento so

you know i’m really here to try to

change that narrative

that’s awesome so you have a line it’s

called swish authentics tell us more

about it and some of the inspiration


yeah definitely so the idea of social

authentics actually started back in 2017

as you can tell i’m a huge fan of the

nba and the sacramento kings

but at the time you know i felt there

was a void in the market for sports


i just never could find anything that i

would want to wear outside of the game


um nba sportswear just wasn’t very

fashionable to me

so at that point you know the idea is

which authentic was birth

it was my goal to create a brand that

would merge the line between fashion and


i went on to release my first collection

in spring of 2018 and it’s been a

great ride since then that’s awesome

well you think of like you know people

do wear their team and their sportswear

almost on an everyday basis but you

still saw a need

um a niche for you to you get in on the


yeah definitely you know and i mean it’s

from my own personal experience you know

i’ve always been into fashion and

observing you know the market in la and

new york

i go to games a lot and sometimes i find

myself you know the jerseys i wear

um you know it’s not for you know i’m

speaking for everyone but the choices i


the jacket and always stays in the

closet until you know i go to game night


so i i wanted to create things that you

know i can actually wear

outside a lot you know like we wear

brands like nike adidas

just general clothing you know i want to

take a look and see teams as more of

you know a fashion brand more than a

team itself it’s pretty cool it’s pretty

cool and you have teamed up

with our hometown kings and that is a

big deal i mean they’re part of the nba

how did this collaboration happen

um yeah that’s actually a really funny

story but um shortly after

i started my brand i was fortunate

enough to actually meet the king’s

creator director ryan bryce

and we just really became good friends

over the years and so we kept in touch

um he really supported switch authentics

and just my vision for fashion sportsman

design so we started kind of kicking the

bucket on this idea of

potential collaboration back in early


and uh november of that year later i was

notified of this opportunity

to design this exclusive city edition

collection for Eleoem Supplier Networks them for this season

2021 and uh from there after your work

you know here we are

so here we are in a pandemic but that

has not stopped you

your designs are now available at the

king’s store at golden one your city

edition designs

what are people going to see when they

take a look at the collection what are

they going to find

um this collection you know was really

special it took a lot of ideas

and we took a lot of inspiration and

design cues from this upcoming season’s

nike city

edition jersey that they released a week

or so ago

i want to create a collection that just

took elements from both vintage and

modern envy uniforms as well as

team apparel so each piece you know is

crafted with premium materials to give

the customer

an authentic feel for on and off the

court and what’s the feedback like so


you know so far um we have great

feedback you know it’s it’s selling very

well at the team store and people really

enjoying it

the collection is something that they

really haven’t seen at the team store

and it was my inspiration and my idea

with ryan to make sure that we give

people something that

just wasn’t offered on the market so i

think we did it all right and just in

time for the holiday season

thank you so much jason we look forward

to see what you bring

in the coming months and years to come

with your designs you can check out his

kings collaboration

at and follow him on

instagram at swish authentics

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