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An institution or its foundation or organization engaged in a program authorized by the board may do the following: enter into contracts with federal, state, or local governments or their agencies or departments, with private organizations, companies, firms, or industries, or with individuals for conducting the authorized programs; subject to the approval of the controlling state agency, conduct authorized programs within any of the penal, corrective, or custodial institutions of this state and engage the voluntary participation of inmates in those programs; accept contributions, grants, or gifts from, and enter into contracts and cooperative agreements with, any private organization, company, firm, industry, or individual, or any governmental agency or department, for support of authorized programs within the educational role of the recipient institution, and may agree to provide matching funds with respect to those programs from resources available to it; and retain, accumulate, free live cam sites invest, commit, and expend the funds and proceeds from programs funded under Subsection (3)(c), including the acquisition of real and personal property reasonably required for their accomplishment. There is created a Technology Initiative Advisory Board to assist and make recommendations to the State Board of Regents in its administration of the Engineering and Computer Science Initiative established under Section 53B-6-105. The advisory board shall consist of individuals appointed by the governor from business and industry who have expertise in the areas of engineering, computer science, and related technologies.

There is established an engineering, computer science, and related technology scholarship program as a component of the initiative created in Section 53B-6-105. The program is established to recruit, retain, and train engineering, computer science, and related technology students to assist in providing for and advancing the intellectual and economic welfare of the state. The consortium shall include within its membership the University of Utah, Utah State University, Brigham Young University, the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind, the Services for At-Risk Students section under the State Board of Education, and local school districts. Amended by Chapter 43, 2017 General Session2017Multi-University Consortium for Teacher Training in Sensory Impairments — Purposes — Appropriation. In conjunction with the State Board of Regents’ master plan for higher education, there is established a Multi-University Consortium for Teacher Training in Sensory Impairments which is an outgrowth of a consortium established by the federal government. There is appropriated from the General Fund for fiscal year 1994-95, $200,000 to the State Board of Regents to fund the consortium’s teacher preparation programs referred to in Subsection (2). The appropriation is nonlapsing. Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, beginning on July 1, 2019, the board may not accept new applications for fairly odd parents sex a scholarship described in this section.

Sec. 1681 et seq., an amount of revenue equal to the total amount of sales and use tax revenue collected under Title 59, Chapter 12, Sales and Use Tax Act: during the one-year period beginning on July 1, 1997, and ending on June 30, 1998; and on amounts paid for admission to athletic events at the institution of higher education. Master PlanningEnacted by Chapter 167, 1987 General Session1987Standardized systems prescribed by the board.The board shall prescribe for all institutions under its jurisdiction standardized systems of accounts, records, and reports covering in sufficient detail the operations of the educational institutions under its control. Enacted by Chapter 167, 1987 General Session1987Board designated state educational agent for federal contracts and aid — Individual research grants — Powers of institutions or foundations under authorized programs. Nothing in this chapter alters or limits the authority of the State Building Board to act as the designated state agency to administer programs in behalf of and accept funds from federal, state, and other sources, for capital facilities for the benefit of higher education. Higher Education Tuition Assistance ProgramEnacted by Chapter 103, 1998 General Session1998Purpose. The institution shall advertise the hearing required under Subsection (1) using the following procedure: The institution shall advertise its intent to consider an increase in student tuition rates: in the institution’s student newspaper twice during a period of 10 days prior to the meeting; and on the Utah Public Notice Website created in Section 63F-1-701, for 10 days immediately before the meeting.

The advertisement shall state that the institution will meet on a certain day, time, and place fixed in the advertisement, which shall not be less than seven days after the day the second advertisement is published, for the purpose of hearing comments regarding the proposed increase and to explain the reasons for the proposed increase. If the institution does not make a final decision on the proposed tuition increase at the meeting, it shall announce the date, time, and place of the meeting where that determination shall be made. The board shall make a summary report of the institutional matches. The Legislature shall make an annual appropriation to the board to fund the student scholarship program created in this section. After streaming all of the best series on Netflix and playing all of the fun board games you’ve got stored at home, you’re likely looking for something else to do while you’re working from home or under government-mandated lockdown measures.

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