Facebook launches podcast live audio room

Facebook releases live audio rooms, podcasts


The social network’s competition with SLOTXO Clubhouse, Twitter and Spotify is heating up.Facebook said Monday it is launching a live audio tool that will be made available to select public figures and groups in the United States. ahead of the competition with Clubhouse, Twitter and Spotify.

The largest social network in the world Like other technology companies It has invested more in audio features after the media grew in popularity following the 2020 launch of its invite-only audio app Clubhouse. together

The social media site has also stated that it is adding podcasts that Facebook users will be able to listen to on their NewsFeed or Facebook page by clicking on the mini player or full-screen player.Facebook has a new tool for live voice chat.


Because Facebook has published various methods. where people can share their thoughts through voice Social media companies are more likely to contend with content curation challenges. Facebook groups have been used to spread misinformation about coronavirus, vaccines, politics and other topics. to combat this problem Social networks have tried to direct people to more reliable sources.

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