How celebrities make money on social media

Let’s start with the fact that there are only two standard ways for media personalities with a promoted profile in a specific social network to earn money. The first is advertising sales, and the second is the sale of your own product.

The most common and effective method is to sell ads through a social media profile. At the same time, this is the simplest method. Especially for a celebrity. Because she already has an audience and the profiles have millions of subscribers, advertising in such a profile will be prohibitively expensive. This, however, does not bother brands because it allows them to broadcast their advertising to a large number of people. And, unlike on TV or radio, an additional effect is triggered here: subscribers and fans generally trust (sometimes blindly) their idol. And if a product advertisement appears on his channel / page, they will have an a priori positive perception of that product.

The second method necessitates more work, beginning with the development and production of your own product and ending with tracking orders, registering sales, and other tasks that, in the case of simple third-party advertising placement, are performed by the advertiser himself. On the other hand, this is an excellent way to quickly establish a brand and profit from product sales (often with a huge mark-up for the brand itself). Consider the recent example of some media personalities selling masks of their own design during a pandemic. They are, of course, 10-100 times more expensive than standard pharmaceutical masks.

It is possible to approach this use of fan love in various ways, but it must be acknowledged that from the standpoint of business processes, the method of making money is dependable.

It is worth noting that some analysts believe the first method is becoming increasingly obsolete. Because:Advertising on such social media profiles is prohibitively expensive. A group with the same attendance but lacking the personality of a star will never set a comparable price.
The audience turns out to be smaller than in other groups with the same number of attendees.
Advertising terms are frequently restricted.
Perhaps this is true, but celebrity endorsements continue to sell.
The second method is becoming increasingly popular. With such a large number of “in possession” subscribers, one cannot help but take advantage of the opportunity to earn extra money. Furthermore, the production itself (and most of the goods sold by celebrities are ordinary clothes with a corporate logo) costs pennies, and you can order tailoring of the same clothes at ordinary factories.

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