“Old songs about the main thing” is a series of New Year’s Eve musicals that aired on Russia’s First Channel in the 1990s. The concept was created and written by Konstantin Ernst and Leonid Parfenov.

“Old Songs About the Main Things” is a festival of favorite songs performed by well-known and popular artists. Each musical told a different story from a different era in Russian history. The musicals were inspired by popular Soviet songs of the time. The first issue of the cycle “Old songs about the main thing” depicted the 1940s and 1950s, the second the 1960s, and the third the 1970s and first half of the 1980s. All three parts, as well as the postscript, were made into audio CDs, and a fourth film, “Old songs about the main thing,” was also made. P.S”.

The musicals were hugely popular and received rave reviews. The channel frequently repeated old songs about the main old issues in January, during the old New Year’s celebrations, and even during the May holidays. However, because the same actors appeared in both musicals, press criticism mounted, and the project was canceled in 2000.

Enchanting New Year’s musicals, on the other hand, have become essential aspects of the New Year’s holidays, reenacting old fairy tales with popular and beloved stars and performing old and new songs. And all subsequent New Year’s Eve programming on Channel One was based on “old songs about the main thing.”

And we can get a little New Year’s spirit, a charge from unforgettable songs, and pleasure from seeing our favorite artists perform.

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