There will be more than one person you date when searching for the right soul mate. You may even consider marriage if you find the right person for you on your first date.

Have you ever wondered why is it that only a few people draw our interest, especially in a romantic way?

It is vital for any relationship that thrives to have good chemistry. Astrology can help determine if two people will be a good match.

A sub-branch in astrology called synastry uses a map of heavens created when two people were born to compare how the planetary forces influence each other.

Is it possible to determine if two people are likely get married based only on information from their birth records?

Although it is a personal decision to tie the knot, there are many factors that can influence your decision. But there are some key synastry elements that can signal the potential for a long-term partner. Learn more about these cosmic forces and find out if you will enjoy your marriage to your partner.

A synastry involves comparing the birth charts of two people. This process gives information about the positions of significant planets. These are called aspects. These alignments can make it difficult for people to get along when they interact.

A relationship can be strained if it has negative aspects such as opposition or square. On the other hand, positive aspects like trine, sextile, and conjunction create the right conditions for a relationship to thrive.

However, this guide will concentrate on the best synastry elements for marriage. This can include a connection with one or more of these planets or points astrologically significant.


Three of the most crucial components in synastry, are the sun and moon as well as ascendant. This is because they impact the type of emotional reaction and impression that comes from two people interrelating.

The moon is representative of your emotions. While the sun embodies who or what you really are, it represents your personality. The ascendant, on the other hand, influences how you are perceived by others and the image you project. If you have trine or sextile elements between any of these positions, it is a sign that two people will get along well.

Venus has been called the goddess for love in Roman mythology. Astrologers study this planet to discover how people will approach issues of the heart.

If this planet is harmonious with another person’s birth charts, it is possible for them to end up falling in love forever. Venus is an indicator of strong affection, attraction and love. Its energy may be different depending upon the aspect it is creating with another planet. For example, Venus conjuncts the moon synastry suggests a lovey dovey couple. This synastry aspect of marriage is ideal if you are looking for romance.

Mercury is often called the “messenger for the gods” because it governs how people express themselves. It supports positive aspects and communication, which is important in a relationship.

A Mercury Trine Sun combination suggests mutual understanding which encourages respect in marriage. On the other hand, a moon-Mercury blend that happens to be in harmony brings together two people who share their feelings without fear in a supportive and caring way.

You can address any problem that married couples encounter, including those involving money, kids, intimacy, and so on, through open, honest communication. Harmonious Venus aspects, which foster dialogue, can be used to help build a sustainable marriage.

Mars, the planet of physical attraction, rules romance attraction. Venus rules romantic attraction. This planet has a significant influence on the sex drive in astrology. Positive Mars aspects in astrology are a sign that Mars is healthy and happy. This is the key to a happy marriage.

The Moon conjunct Mars synastry suggests a steamy and passionate relationship. Besides physical attraction, this aspect indicates the existence of a strong emotional connection as well.

Venus trine Mars also makes for a wonderful synastry aspect in astrology. Romantically involved couples will find it sparks passion.


Other than the inter-aspect alignments for planets in the birth chart, there are other overlays that can hint at a happy marriage. The 7th 12 house report is a good example.

Although it is not an aspect of the astrological world, this placement is still very significant for couples. The 7th house is responsible for marriage and partnerships.

If the sun happens to fall in this section of your partner’s birth chart, they will view you as the ideal spouse. Venus activates the 7th house, so they will appreciate your way of showing their love. 7th House overlays usually feel felt by the houseperson


Synastry can provide a lot of information regarding whether two partners are fit for marriage.

However, the stars are not the only ones who can give you advice. The outcome of any relationship is up to the individuals involved because we all have free will.

That said, having the best synastry aspects for marriage can increase the chances of having a fulfilling and loving union.

It is worth taking the time exploring what hidden messages might lie between your potential dates and your birth chart. Positive indicators may help you to find the right person for you when searching for a partner in life.

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