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Tohoku Electric gets nod to restart reactor damaged in 2011 disaster

By Aaron Sheldrick and Yuka Obayashi

TOKYO, electron bch Nov 11 (Reuters) – Japan’s Tohoku Electric Power said on Wednesday it had received the green light from a local governor to restart one of its nuclear reactors, nearly a decade after it was damaged in the earthquake and tsunami that caused the Fukushima disaster.

Yoshihiro Murai, the governor electron bch of Miyagi Prefecture, where Tohoku Electric’s Onagawa nuclear station is located, signed off on the restart of reactor bitcoincash electron wallet No.
2 on Wednesday, a spokesman told Reuters by phone.

If restarted, Onagawa No. 2 would be Tohoku Electric’s first nuclear unit brought online since the 2011 disaster, and the first reactor restarted on the northeast Pacific coast of Japan since all reactors were shut down in the wake of the catastrophe.

Tohoku received regulatory approval to restart the reactor in February.

The company has not set a date for rebooting the unit as other processes need signoff from regulators and Tohoku Electric is still working on safety measures that are due to be finished in the year starting March 2022, the spokesman said.

It expects to spend 340 billion yen ($3.1 billion) on safety upgrades at the Onagawa plant.

Onagawa was the closest among Japan’s nuclear stations to the epicentre of the magnitude-9 quake in March 2011, which triggered a tsunami that killed nearly 20,000 people as well as causing the worst atomic disaster since Chernobyl in 1986.

The station was swamped by the tsunami, but survived with its cooling system intact, saving its reactors from the threat of meltdowns similar to those that occurred at Tokyo Electric Power’s Fukushima Daiichi station to the south.

It operates a boiling water reactor with the same basic design as those that melted down in the Fukushima crisis.

The Fukushima disaster led to the eventual shutdown of the country’s then 54 operational reactors, which once provided nearly a third of Japan’s electricity.

All had to be relicensed under new standards after the disaster highlighted operational and regulatory failings.

Only one is operating at present.

For a graphic on the status of Japan’s reactors, click on: website

($1 = 108.6400 yen)

(Reporting by Aaron Sheldrick and Yuka Obayashi; Editing by Kenneth Maxwell, Jan Harvey and Edmund Blair)

WD My Net N900 Central makes a great mini home entertainment hub

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Editors’ note: This review was updated on July 20, 2012, to add information about the router’s support for Time Machine.

The My Net N900 Central is almost identical to the previously reviewed My Net N900 HD with two exceptions: the new router has only four LAN ports and one USB port (the HD has seven LAN ports and two USB ports) and comes with built-in storage (the HD has none). This means the two routers are basically the same in terms of networking, but the Central offers much more in terms of storage features, including the capability to stream media over the Internet to mobile devices.

As a wireless router, the My Net N900 Central is a true dual-band N900 router with a top 450Mbps speed of Wireless-N on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands. It comes with a powerful QoS (Quality of Service) feature that automatically detects and prioritizes Internet bandwidth based on the type of traffic. In my testing, the My Net N900 Central offered fast Wi-Fi speeds, stable signals, and a long range. The router’s network storage performance was also decent among similarly configured routers.

At a street price of $290 for the 2TB version or $230 for the 1TB version, the My Net N900 Central makes a great router for those who also want to have a mini personal online server. If you just want a great Wi-Fi router and don’t have much interest in network storage, also check out the list of the current top five wireless routers.

Design and ease of use
The My Net N900 HD Central shares the design of the My Net N900 HD, electron bch wallet with a relatively large footprint, about the size of a Netbook. It’s slightly heavier than the previous router, due to the included 2.5-inch hard drive on the inside. This hard drive is not user-serviceable, so make sure you pick the right capacity. For most homes with casual data-sharing needs, 1TB is enough. If you have lots of content to share, however, you might want to consider the 2TB version.

On the back the router has four Gigabit LAN ports, for wired clients, and one Gigabit WAN port to connect to an Internet source, such as a broadband modem. There’s also a USB port to host either a printer or another storage device.

On the front the router has four small LEDs that show the status of the router’s power, wireless network, Internet connection, and Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), with its button also on the front. With WPS you can quickly connect a WPS-enabled client to the network simply by pressing the buttons on the router and on the device at the same time.

On the bottom the router has four large rubber feet to help it stay put on any surface, as well as a relatively large ventilation fan, which never seemed to kick in during my time with it. The router is also wall-mountable.

Like the My Net N900 HD, the My Net N900 Central is very easy to set up. You can run the setup software on the included CD, and it will guide you step by step. Or just hook the router to a computer and point its browser to website or website (the default log-in credentials are admin and password), and there will be a similar Web-based wizard. It took me just a few minutes to get the router up and running.

Since the router has built-in storage, it also comes with a new section on the Web interface, called Remote Access. Here, you can turn on or off a service called WD 2go. The first time you turn it on, you’ll have to provide your e-mail to sign up for a free account with WD 2go (you receive an e-mail to finish the sign-up process). After that you can connect to the router from anywhere, using the newly created WD 2go account from a Web browser or a mobile app.

The router’s Web interface is organized, responsive, and friendly to mobile devices. When opened from a mobile browser, the interface looks like it’s a native app. In fact, you can perform the entire initial setup process with a smartphone. To do this, you just need to connect the mobile device to the router’s default and open wireless network, named “WesternDigital.”

The first main feature, electron bch wallet and also what differentiates the My Net N900 Central from previous routers, is its built-in storage and what you can do with that. For the local network, the My Net N900 Central offers an excellent data-sharing mechanism that allows you to either share everything with everyone or limit access (read/write, read-only, or no access) to certain folders based on user accounts that can be created by the admin log-in. You can also stream digital content to network media players and make the router support Time Machine backup for Macs natively by turning on the AFP server feature. I found it interesting that Time Machine support wasn’t turned on by default and the setting to turn it on is buried rather deep in the router’s interface. Once turned on it worked well, however, in my trials. This makes the My Net N900 Central a great alternative to Apple’s <a website Capsule.

Time Machine support isn't turned on by default; you will have to do that manually, via the AFP server feature, using the router's Web interface.
Time Machine support isn’t turned on by default; you will have to do that manually, via the AFP server feature, using the router’s Web interface.
Screenshot by Dong Ngo/CNET

But the storage features of the My Net N900 Central don’t stop there; it has a lot more to offer with the Remote Access feature.

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Eyes on Norway to boost electric car sales

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Norway has the way to boost electric car sales and Australia should follow its policy highway, a think tank argues.

The Australia Institute has released a paper looking at the policies Norway has used to give it the highest share of electric vehicle sales per capita in the world.

The Scandinavian country has an ambitious target of ending the sale of all new internal combustion engine vehicles by 2025.

Last year 42 per cent of new car sales were electric, while Australia’s rate was 0.6 per cent.

Norway’s policy incentives include reduced one-off registration tax, GST exemption, circulation tax waivers, reduced fees for toll roads and ferries, and access to bus lanes.

Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association head Christina Bu says Australia can do it with government support.

“It’s simply ridiculous that Australia, with an embarrassingly low level of electric vehicles, would tax them instead of incentivise them,” she said.

The Morrison government hasn’t released a policy to increase electric car sales despite promising one in February last year.

A consultation paper on the strategy has been flagged for release by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Victoria and electron bch wallet South Australia have ruffled the sector’s feathers by announcing electric vehicle charges to offset losses in fuel excise.

The Electric Vehicle Council says this is at odds with the states’ aims of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

The council has released University of Queensland research showing the tax could reduce electric vehicle uptake by 50 per cent.

The study shows 90 per cent of cars on the roads must be electric by 2050 for zero emission targets to be viable.

Electric Vehicle Council chief Behyad Jafar compares the measure to replacing declining tobacco excise with a tax on nicotine patches.

“You’re either for an electric vehicle tax or you’re for a 2050 zero target,” he said.

“You cannot be for both.”