The 10 Best Blush Brushes To Purchase In 2021

Are there nonetheless just a few ideas or uncertainties niggling on the back of your mind? We’ve added a few extra things you’ll be able to consider when selecting the best blush brush for you.

The correct Size

As a rule, the bigger the brush, the extra space it is going to cowl, so here’s how you can figure out the precise blush brush size for you.

Small Blush Brush

A small blush brush will apply the blush to a smaller space, so there are a number of instances the place you might choose one. First, it’s an apparent alternative when you’ve got very small options or if you like to use your blush in a very thin and localized means.

It’s also a very good choice should you prefer to take your time constructing up your makeup slowly, bit by bit, and it’s additionally useful if you wish to stack a few totally different blushes to create a complex, blush-primarily based cheek contour.

Often, one of the best small blush brushes are not marketed as such, just like the Sigma Tapered Brush which works nicely with powder blushes and the Wet n Wild Small Stipple Brush which is nice for creams.

However, for a typical, day-to-day blush application, using a small blush will likely be too time-consuming, so you might still wish to have a medium or large-sized brush, as effectively.

A medium blush brush goes to be your best option for most individuals. Medium-sized brushes are usually sized to fit the common woman’s cheekbones so that you can cowl all the area perfectly in just one go! A medium brush will also be helpful for mixing. If you utilize a small brush to use the blush after which a medium one to blend it out, you may find yourself with a very pure and impactful blush look.

Our favourite medium-sized blush brush is the Wet n Wild Blush Brush, but should you desire luxury merchandise you’ll love the Bobbi Brown Blush Brush.


There are those who adore a large blush brush that may actually envelop the cheek with its tender touch. Large brushes apply blush very quickly, and if they’re very delicate, the blush would require no blending afterward. If your cheekbones are naturally full and large (hey Chrissy Teigen!) then this kind of brush, like the true Techniques Blush Brush makes good sense!

With a number of other massive blush brushes, like the e.l.f. Flawless Face Brush, the form may be a bit of more tapered or angled, so while it’s total size could be very giant, there are nonetheless small surfaces should you desire a extra focused software.

Considering the Brush Shapes

While the dimensions of the blush brush matters, the way it’s shaped will also have an effect on the size of the floor you’re working with.


Round blush brushes are the classics. They’ve a rounded or domed form that fits completely over the apple of the cheek, for that rosy-cheeked look. You should use them for any blush method by simply altering the direction during which you mix out you blush. The Bobbi Brown Blush Brush is a classic example, while the true Techniques Blush Brush represents a larger and more domed version.


Angle brushes have a slightly elongated form, face brush price with the bristles go from shorter to longer which places the entire brush on an angle. Angle brushes like the real Techniques Sculpting Brush are very fashionable for contouring, however they’re nice for blush. They help information the blush over your cheekbone, for a lifted and angled trendy look.


With tapered brushes, you get a number of extra options and numerous management. Tapered brushes could be round or angled, but what makes them unique is that the bristles are shorter on the skin and longer in the middle, which gives you a bigger floor alongside the side and a small surface on the tip. This is principally the better of all worlds, since you need to use it for each targeted and diffused blush applications.

Tapered brushes can are available all sizes, from the large e.l.f. Flawless Face Brush to the tiny Sigma Tapered Brush.


Fan brushes usually give a really skinny and diffused stripe of blush since they are formed like a fan. This isn’t normally best, which is why this shape is extra well-liked for highlighters. If you have any sort of inquiries concerning where and how you can use face brush price, you can contact us at our own page. There are exceptions, however, where the brush is a little bit thicker by the middle, so it really works beautifully for blush. They’re elongated, like angle brushes, but are usually somewhat softer.

The Wet n Wild Blush Brush has a hybrid spherical/fan shape, while the NYX Pro Fan Brush is a nice instance of a large fan brush.


Flat-high brushes are typically often known as kabuki or stipple brushes. They are usually slightly more agency, and since the highest is flat, product doesn’t penetrate deeply into them. For this reason they work greatest with cream blushes, serving to to dispense and blend them in, even when they’re not particularly firm. The Wet n Wild Small Stipple Brush is a superb example.

The precise Firmness Level

The firmness degree of your brush has an enormous impact on how a lot blush it’ll end up depositing in your skin, so make sure to decide on the one that can suit the type of look you favor.


As of late, heavy blush isn’t notably fashionable outdoors of TikTok, so very tender brushes are the standard favorites for blush. They deposit a very sheer layer of blush that looks natural and is more universally flattering. The worry of the “clown look” is real, so a delicate brush ensures you won’t overdo it. Once you lay the blush down you won’t need to blend a lot if at all, so it’s also an ideal time saver. Our favorite low-firmness blush brushes are the true Techniques Blush Brush and the Wet n Wild Blush Brush.


Medium-firm blush brushes also might need a spot in your make-up arsenal. The denser bristles of a medium-firm brush pick up more blush than their pliant counterparts, so they end up giving a more intense look. As we mentioned when mentioned the medium-agency NYX Pro Fan Brush, they’re great for making sure that overly-sheer powder blushes will nonetheless present up on your pores and skin.

The other advantage of a medium-firm brush is that it works with both powders and creams. While it could deposit plenty of product, it’ll also pick up plenty of product from the skin, which makes it awesome for mixing out already utilized blush.


Last, but not least, are the firm blush brushes. They really solely work with cream blushes, however the result’s beautiful. They offer a bit extra control than medium-firm brushes, and since one of the best ways to use them is with a hybrid stippling and buffing movement, the deposit blush and mix it out at the identical time, so the applying doesn’t look too heavy – in fact, the cream blush will in all probability look as though it is emanating from within your pores and skin.

The true Techniques Sculpting Brush is a beautiful instance of a firm blush brush.

Burning Blush Brush Questions

You probably have a few extra questions on blush brushes, don’t feel embarrassed – the natural flush which may crop up will prevent the need for a blush brush!

How Do You employ a Blush Brush Correctly?

One of the simplest ways to make use of a blush brush is dependent upon the type of blush, type of lip brush, and kind of look that you like! On the whole, it’s best to apply the blush alongside the highest a part of your cheekbones, going from the apple of the cheeks in an angle towards the temples.

First, tap the brush over the pores and skin to deposit the blush, starting at the realm where you need the colour to be the most concentrated. Then, mix it out with circular motions to distribute the blush over the remainder of the pores and skin and to get a seamless end. This manner, it’ll seem as if the blush is definitely part of your pores and skin. We give just a few extra solutions in our complete blush application guide!

Can You utilize a Blush Brush for Powder?

In case you don’t have another choice, a blush brush can positively double as a powder brush. Basically, it’s not ideal since blush brushes are usually smaller than powder brushes, so it takes longer to use powder with them.

If it’s essential to, nonetheless, it’s higher to use a tender and pliant blush brush, since a firm one will apply too much powder and result in a cakey appearance. The true Technique Blush Brush is an effective alternative since it’s unusually massive and incredibly soft.

Can You utilize the same Brush for Blush and Bronzer?

Once once more, although not perfect, you’ll be able to undoubtedly use the same brush for blush and bronzer. The rationale why it’s not a great technique to go about issues is simple comfort: when you end making use of your bronzer, you’ll have to wipe off the brush completely before making use of blush or powder brush else it’ll find yourself trying muddy.

A dry brush cleaner may are available in handy, although utilizing a different brush shall be even simpler. In case you have a brush that you simply love to use for each functions (like Wet n Wild, which also makes an appearance in our checklist of Best Bronzer Brushes), it might be simpler to just buy a second one!

How Do You Care for a Blush Brush?

Without correct maintenance, you’ll end up having to replace your blush brush every few months! However, when properly stored and cared for, a blush brush can proceed to perform for years.

Clean Daily

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends cleaning brushes round once a week, but we prefer to take it a step further. We advocate doing a quick clean when you’re executed doing all your make-up, by merely spraying your brush down with a brush cleansing liquid and then wiping it off on a paper towel.

Shampoo Monthly

Then, once a month, give your brushes a extra thorough cleansing with a gentle brush shampoo and water. Watch out to not let any water run down the bristles into the ferrule, as that may destroy the glue in the brush.

Shampoo them much like you’d your own hair, rinse them clean, and pat them dry with a towel. Finally, use your fingers to press the bristles collectively, which can assist the brush keep its shape, and lay it down flat on a towel to dry completely.

Store It Safely

When not in use, keep your brushes in a secure, dry house, like a dedicated brush bag, a brush cup, and even in a makeup organizer. Make sure the space is clean and that children or pets can’t reach it and destroy your treasured brushes!

Ultimately Blush

Your make-up tools are just as necessary because the actual makeup merchandise you utilize! By figuring out what to anticipate out of every brush, you should purchase the one that’ll fit your style flawlessly. From massive, delicate brushes that provide you with a naturally flushed look to tightly packed ones that load the colour on the skin, you might have a ton of various blush brush options. With this information, we know you’ll find the brush that’ll give you the rosy glow you dream of!

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