The Importance Of Golf Balls

You might surmise that hitting 12 shots with each driver would deliver a consistency to the results but with a small sample size this mightn’t be the case. Probably would have expected the ball with the highest speed (Pro V1x) to go the furthest, the TP5 going further could be explained by the small sample size(3 balls) and potential for wind gusts on the day. The highest ball speed came from the Flex Head tee 153.2 mph, 2.1 mph faster than the Epoch. Interestingly Tom Wishon states, from his testing, that the difference between the highest spinning shafts and the lowest spinning shafts is only 700 rpms. The lowest spinning tee was the traditional wooden tee with 2332 rpms, 238 rpms less than the Flex Head. The Fly Tee and the Firecracker were the longest, giving a total distance of 273.7 yards, 6 yards longer than the Epoch. A ball to note was the Titleist Velocity, half the price of the premium balls but similar distance. While it’s true that more expensive products make your game better, nobody said you can’t play golf using accessories that are within your price range.

Refurbished golf balls are available for 50% or less then the price of new golf balls. Refurbished golf balls are where a used ball has its outer layer sandblasted off and is repainted. We took 15 of each ball, cheap custom titleist golf balls Pro V1, Pro V1 Refurbished, Pro V1X and Pro V1X refurbished and hit them with a Cobra F8 driver. The top two balls TP5 and Pro V1x had a significant 5/6 yard advantage over the rest, both work well around the greens and so from the exercise the choice was narrowed down to just two for me and either would work pretty well. About two and a half miles into the walk we come up to a house that has two small rocks stacked on top of each other and painted white. Each year it seems like brands come out with a new driver or set of irons but it is Taylormade that seems to always be one step ahead. Late last summer I hit 3 shots with 11 different golf balls to see which one went the furthest. All shots were recorded using the Trackman 111 launch monitor. I recorded the results on the TrackMan 111 launch monitor.

The best performing tee was the Zarma Fly Tee Pro with excellent distance results and even better dispersion results. Even with potential test inconsistencies isn’t it worth trying a simple piece of equipment that would give a yard or two more distance and a yard or two more accuracy! A one-camera system was used to image capture the golf ball at two positions before and after impact with the force transducer. Golf as a sport has gained popularity in recent years amongst corporate executives, and it continues to attract substantial numbers of people. When there usually are carrying on trends with most aspects of the sport activity, from the style of the golf clubs to the kind of golf balls we employ, the item results in being almost all the extra important that will you make use of what is considered perfect for YOUR game, and that will can sometimes mean some sort of change of the design of golf balls you work with.

Here are some of the suggested balls you can try if you are still searching for the balls that is most suited for your swing style. A quick explanation of gear effect is; on off center strikes the club head rotates around it’s center of gravity, on woods toe strikes will try to move right to left, heel strikes left to right, bottom strikes launch lower with more spin and top strikes launch higher with less spin. Or will a value ball work? We’re not looking to decrease club head speed, as we would like to hit the ball further. The club head speeds are very consistent with only a variance of 0.68% between the top speed and bottom speed, this would give an indication that a similar swing was put on all the shots. From the ones you like the feel of, hit a few tee shots and then pick the one that goes the furthest. A good way to choose is to hit a pick a few balls, hit some short shots and putts to see if you like the feel on and around the green.

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