The planetary aspects to a relationship

The various aspectsConjunction is when two similar forms or planetary energy are combined. A conjunction is the most powerful aspect of synastry. It can bring harmony or discord depending on the planets involved. Too many conjunctions between two birth charts can create tension because the people involved are too similar.Trine (planets form a 150deg angle) – This is the most positive aspect in astrology synastry chart. Trine promotes harmony and compatibility. Despite their obvious compatibility, there is a risk of boredom or repetition in the relationship. Because these energies are so similar, it is possible for the relationship to lack the passion and urgency that would be associated with other, more challenging aspects.

Sextile (planets form a 60deg angle) – The sextile creates a harmonious blending of planetary energies and a lasting bond between two people. This aspect is similar in nature to the trine but it can be more stimulating as the signs involved are from different elements. Although this aspect generates a compelling and exciting response, it can be challenging. You may feel the need to dominate your fellow planets, depending on their relationship. If there are too many square aspects between two charts, it can lead to an increase in the negative qualities of each person. Opposition (planets formed a 180deg angle): This aspect has a powerful, sometimes destabilizing, effect. With this aspect, the reverse images of the same energy are brought into contact. This aspect creates strong attraction and can be likened as a mirror. Although there is an attraction to this aspect, it can also be challenging. This aspect can stimulate the competitive spirit and creates a sense of competition between the parties. This aspect can cause rivalry and bickering to an extreme.

Synastry: Some Important Factors

__S.19__ Aspects between Venus and Mars in particular indicate sexual attraction. Although Venus and Mars have more chances to attract strong sexual feelings, their harsher aspects are more likely that they will present challenges and obstacles in the relationship. Trine and Sextile aspects between these planets create a beautiful blending of energies. However they can also be a problem in a relationship. Tensions like the square or opposition can lead to a breakdown in the relationship and prevent two people from getting along on an intimate level. Harmonious elements, such as the square or sextile can make the interaction comfortable and easy. Partner usually have enough common ground to sustain a relationship, and are able form an emotional bond.

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