The Usefulness Of Light Therapy Within The Treatment Of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a chronic illness, which causes immense bodily ache and unbearable fatigue. The word ‘fibromyalgia’ really means “pain within the fibrous tissues within the body” and as such doesn’t involve the joints, as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It is not categorized as a illness as it is a situation that causes many alternative symptoms, which affect all programs within the body. 90% of these affected are female (especially throughout youngster bearing ages) with most patients experiencing symptoms between the ages of twenty and forty. Children and the elderly can also be affected by FM.

FM has no identified cause as there’s little proof supporting any of the theories steered by researchers. It’s however thought to be triggered by,

1. Sleep disorders

2. Injury and Muscle Trauma

3. Genetic predisposition

4. Immune System Abnormalities, and

5. Infectious agents, together with viruses and micro organism

FM has two foremost components, ache and fatigue. Pain is felt all through the physique (ligaments, tendons and muscles) and can vary from mildly uncomfortable to excruciating. It may continue for months and even years. Fatigue may be skilled as something from feeling a bit tired to feeling completely exhausted, and can make the pain of the sickness more durable to bear.

Symptoms embrace:

1. Morning stiffness

2. Wide spread pain

3. Sleep disorders

4. Chronic complications

5. Dizziness

6. Nausea

7. Depression

8. Facial and jaw pain

9. Irritable bowel, frequent bouts of diarrhoea or constipation and irritable bladder

10. Cognitive dysfunction including lack of concentration and mixing up words

(To say a few)

Patients usually really feel they’re aching throughout, with muscles feeling sore, stiff and overworked. If you liked this article and also you would like to receive more info with regards to red light therapy lamp, click through the following page, kindly visit our page. Muscle twitching can be not rare in FM and can typically really feel like they are burning.

Treatment for FM tends to be very comprehensive and can involve a variety of well being care suppliers together with physicians, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, chiropractors and occupational therapists. Common treatments embrace pharmaceutical remedies akin to the use of Lentizol, Sinequan or Seroxat. Other treatments include relaxation techniques, therapeutic massage, gentle train program, acupuncture, change in food plan and cognitive behaviour therapy, to mention a couple of.

Light therapy is another therapy, which can be used for treating symptoms of fibromyalgia. It may help reduce muscle pain, depression, fatigue and sleep disorders. Three various kinds of gentle therapy can be utilized for treating symptoms of fibromyalgia: Bright Light Therapy, Colour Therapy and Low Laser Light Therapy (LLLT).

Based on the concept that our physique is specifically attuned to gentle, vibrant light therapy makes use of high powered fluorescent lights to help set off the release of specific hormones, which assist to revive the body’s natural rhythm and total well being. Bright mild therapy for fibromyalgia is typically carried out utilizing a mild field, which is often positioned in entrance of you at eye level. Depending on the depth of the sunshine field, remedy time might be between quarter-hour to three hours. You stay seated in entrance of the box without staring at the light box, however absorbing the sunshine while carrying out other activities akin to reading, eating, and many others.

Colour therapy is a form of phototherapy, which delivers coloured beams of light to various parts of the physique and its usage is becoming more common amongst chronic ache sufferers. Because the eyes see the coloured beams of gentle, the sunshine vitality is converted into electric impulses, which journey via the mind, triggering the discharge of hormones equivalent to serotonin and endorphins, which help to improve your mood and ease pain. The four colours sometimes used are red, blue, violet, and white. Colour therapy may be very stress-free and typically lasts between quarter-hour and 1 hour.

Often known as Cold Light Therapy or Soft Laser Light Therapy, Low Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) helps to scale back ache and promote healing by rising the vitality levels of sure cells in the body. Low-frequency laser gentle beams are applied to numerous painful areas of the body, once the photons emitted by these beams are absorbed by the physique; they are transformed into cellular power by the power power houses within the cells (the mitochondria). Consequently, this helps to increase the rate at which your body heals thereby eliminating ache.

Various studies have urged that mild therapy is extremely efficient at reducing signs of chronic ache, fatigue and depression, and as such is worth a try for fibromyalgia patients who yearn to be relieved of their symptoms. Read more about gentle therapy in our brand new Light Therapy Learning Centre. As effective as mild therapy is for various disorders, sure people are suggested against utilizing it especially those suffering from epilepsy, skin sensitivities, glaucoma, bipolar disorders, cataracts and other eye diseases.


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This article is only for informative functions. It’s not meant to be a medical advice and isn’t a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your physician for all of your medical issues. Kindly observe any information given in this text solely after consulting your physician or red light therapy lamp qualified medical skilled. The writer will not be liable for any end result or damage resulting from any data obtained from this article.

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