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The Casino Greatest Number One Site Land Card – A Promotional Advertising Strategy

The Casino Best Number One Site land-card is a little famous promotional card from the North Carolina Gambling Commission. They are offered to all retailers that cope with at least fifty (55) cards or even more each month. It is a rather inexpensive card which shows the retailer’s business contact info, in which they could discover additional information, and also a toll-free phone number where they might call for help. This card has been printed on casino-approved stock with a black edge. The design of this card looks like a credit card using all the notable letters CGC Logo, a red numeral 1 on the very best left corner corner along with a purple border around the whole card.

The Casino Greatest Number One Site land card can be utilised in some of those outlets that are all members of the NCCA, including Internet casinos, brick and mortar casinos, gaming stores, video arcades, restaurants and anywhere else a person could visit. This exclusive set of retailers receive a one-time publish of this casino greatest card, at no charge. Retailers are also encouraged to promote the card once they give away free casino provides or any time they make special sales. Provided that the card stays with the recipient, it can’t be exchanged or used for any other purpose.

Every time the card is used, the casino best seller amount is always updated on the rear of this card. Anyone observing the card would immediately know the site where the card came from. This makes the card extremely valuable to those who get it. In addition, the NCCA, the North Carolina Gaming Commission and the World Gambling Industry Association have partnered to market a”Buy One Card Giveaway” for anyone who puts a casino reservation. Anyone who plays on a site listed on the WGI AA card qualifies for an entrance within this promotion.

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