Toyota Camry: What Is The Lifespan Of The Hybrid Batteries?

Toyota Camry: What is the lifespan of the hybrid batteries? I might like your ideas on the Toyota hybrid battery, as this week the battery died after 230,000km in my Camry taxi. I assumed it was a bit premature. To change it will price about $4000. Calling round some of the Toyota dealers, typically they talked about that they have not come across a situation like mine however I believe it’s a lot of money if I must replace the battery each two and a half years. Toyota spokesman Mike Breen says: “Our inspection of Mr Katahiotis’s Camry hybrid taxi revealed the hybrid battery failed resulting from overheating which was caused by the cooling fan being blocked by lint and fluff accumulation. Toyota recommends hybrid vehicles used as taxis are fitted with a further filter as a result of high incidence of entry and exit from the passenger-side rear door, which was not fitted on this case. All Toyota dealers and outside service agents have been suggested of this requirement by service bulletin as well as major taxi fleet operators. In this case, regardless of the considerable distance travelled, Toyota has agreed to contribute 25 per cent as a gesture of goodwill and, as well as, a filter was installed and the owner advised of the regular upkeep requirement”. What automotive should I purchase to change my 2017 Toyota Aurion? What car should I buy for $5,000? Should I purchase an electric car now or later? Which pre-2010 Toyota Aurion mannequin year is finest? What’s the really helpful top. Weight of a driver for a 2010 Toyota RAV4? What automotive should I purchase? Toyota Camry 2012: Can I combine absolutely synthetic and semi artificial oils? Toyota Camry: Can I alternate the area saver for a full dimension spare? Can my automotive use E10 ethanol gasoline? How can we assist? Please notice: Questions can’t be answered privately. Have a brand new query for the CarsGuide staff? 1. Can my car use E10 ethanol fuel? 4. 5. Who invented the primary automobile. When was it made? Who invented the first automotive. When was it made?

Explore Toyota’s hybrid range now. Toyota told us that the engineers consider the NiMH batteries in Prius. Other Toyota hybrids to be a life-of-the-car part. Toyota Hybrid automotive batteries are designed and engineered to last. That’s why every Toyota Hybrid vehicle in our range comes with a 5-12 months 100,000 mile Toyota warranty, which – with an annual hybrid service extends the cover on your battery for up to 15 years. Toyota advised us that the engineers consider the NiMH batteries in Prius. Other Toyota hybrids to be a life-of-the-car component. Toyota states that a brand new Hybrid battery has an eight yr lifespan nevertheless the fact is that it is not that easy. Lifespan relies on a quantity of things together with age of the automobile, utilization, mileage on the clock and the way well you look after your automobile. From the harmonious Prius Family of compact hybrid automobiles to the intelligent elegance of Toyota Hybrid Battery Cost minneapolis full-size sedans, new Toyota electric autos continue to elevate the best way you drive.

For some purpose i cant log in with my google account to your weblog. Facebook login also wont work. Suppose its brought on by my explorer. Thanks upfront in your reply! First, I’m a bit hesitant to suggest your use of laptop computer power provides. These are normally constant voltage, but not fixed amperage. Once you plug them into the packs, they might not react effectively. Either the laptop computer power provide will shut down or burn out, or it would try to pump either too little or too many amps. In any case, it will be hard to monitor. I’d suggest a very good constant-current (CC) energy supply. You may hack up your personal with some ICs, however I’m undecided when you make your individual circuit boards. Second, like most batteries, NiMH don’t like to be run down. One of many cells might go into reverse voltage. Refuse to be charged again. It is best to stop when the average voltage per cell is lower than 1v. So for your 8S pack, that can be forty eight volts. I’m unsure if it makes that a lot of a distinction. Oh, one thing. You mention utilizing a blocking diode. Note that if you’re running around a hundred amps like me, even with a 0.7 volt forward voltage drop, the blocking diode will dissipate 70 watts. This can produce quite a lot of heat. Be sure that to have a superb heatsink or use a MOSFET as a “good diode” or figure out something else.

Time will inform, it is a model new battery out of our model new Prius eco that we bought, so it has 35 miles on it I consider. For continued disassembly let’s get this multimeter out of the best way. Let’s get the battery junction block out of right here. Disconnect all our high voltage wires right here. So let’s take these two batteries out of series with one another. I’ll unplug the entrance battery stack from the rear battery stack. Now we don’t have 204 volts or so with the 2 put together… Then let’s disconnect some wires right here on the service plug. There’s one of many service plug wires. The opposite one comes over here to the positive battery put up. So we’ve acquired it disconnected. There is a harness assist bracket right here that I can open up. Get our service plug grip connector out of the way in which. So here’s our service plug grip connector-our service plug plugs into there.

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