Well worth paying more for the quality product!

last weeks, I am as soccer coach buy 100 soccer jerseys for these players, These jerseys is cheaper price and amazing quality. I also buy 2 jerseys for myself
I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for. I had used cheaper base layer stuff when playing soccer in the past and found they didn’t really do the compression thing well, nor were they absorbent or quick drying…until I found this soccer jerseys website. Their products are simply amazing. The compression works well and has held its shape for years. I am still using shirts I purchased in 2013 with no change in the compression!!
When sizing, I get a size smaller than the size I wear in a standard t-shirt (I’m XL but can squeeze into a L). That helps me with the compression shirt base layer under my t-shirt or soccer jersey.
When taking care of them, I always wash in cold water by hand (dont in washing machine, it is easy to take off the sponsor on chest) and never use a clothes dryer. This will help your shirts stay in new condition for years.
I’m very happy with the way this shirt looks and feels! I usually buy shirts that have short or no sleeves at all. The sleeves on this shirt go down to the forearms, but they are fitted to my arms so it’s a very comfortable fit. I would say that if someone likes their cloths a bit looser, then go for the next size up. I’m in between a small and medium, I usually go for a tighter fit so small is fine, but I could have also gotten a medium and I think it would have been fine as well. The material feels amazing, I don’t really sweat that much, so the shirt was pretty much dry as I had a 3 hours china soccer jersey training. I think it depends on the body type, but for me, it kept me cool and fresh. Love the logo and color combination of black and red, especially the stripes on the sleeves, I haven’t really seen that look on other shirts. It makes it stand out. I’m really happy with this buy and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to represent their football team and make a statement at the same time!!
Overall a great product and well worth paying a little extra over the others!

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