What do you need to eat to lose weight without dieting?

On the one hand, weight loss nutrition involves controlling the calories you eat. On the other hand, not all calories are created equal. The role is played not only by the energy value of products (and not even the composition of the BJU), but how exactly the body can use the energy received.

If you eat a lot of fast carbohydrates, it provokes possible health problems (changes in hormone levels and fat gain), even if the calorie intake is correct. Whereas complex carbohydrates, rich in minerals and fiber, create long-lasting satiety and help you lose weight without feeling hungry.

Food for weight loss can easily be varied and tasty – you do not need to eat only low-fat cottage cheese and boiled chicken breasts. There are many foods that you can eat without fear of weight gain and possible harm to your health.

However, dieting always starts with limiting fast carbohydrates in the diet as much as possible. Sugar, pastries, sweets, as well as potatoes, pasta and white rice are definitely not to be eaten – they will have to be replaced with unsweetened fruits, green vegetables, pseudo-grains and legumes.

The simplest weight loss solution would be to limit your diet to a list of basic foods that you can eat – while excluding all other foods. Ultimately, you will have to give up snacks, fast food, convenience foods and any industrial food with a long shelf life.

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